Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Nostalgic North Borneo Rail Ride 沙巴北婆罗洲蒸汽火车怀旧之旅

North Borneo Railway won the Best Tourism Attraction Award 2013!

The railway features British Vulcan steam locomotive transferring visitors between Tanjung Aru Train Terminal and Papar town. The engine is designed for wood burning, a costly yet more environmental form of steam. Today the carriages are refurbished to create the nostalgic romance of the bygone era of the Colonial days of British North Borneo. All passengers would experience the beauty of Sabah countryside and the unique sights and sound of Sabah landscape on board a vintage steam engine train.

The train only departs every Wednesday and Saturday. The journey begins at 9:00AM and concludes at 15:00PM. Tickets sold out quick, ensure advance purchase prior actual departure date.

The package includes return city hotel transfer to train station, return train ticket and Tiffin-style lunch box.



蒸汽火车 每逢三六出发,早上9点火车站集合,下午3点返回酒店。 订购这配套,已包含往返市区酒店接送,往返火车票及茶园特色午餐。

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