Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Pulau Tiga Day Trip 迪加岛一日游

Pulau Tiga Island, also known as Survivor Island as the casting location for the first season Survivor. The island is popular with volcanic mud bath, trekking trails, nearby snake island and the beautiful snorkelling area near the Sand Spade.

The island is about 1 and half hours away from Kota Kinabalu jetty. This depends on the weather condition.

Package include return hotel transfer, return boat transfer from Kota Kinabalu/Kuala Penyu with jetty fee and entrance fee, guided trekking trip to Volcano Mud Spa, reef guided snorkelling trip, snorkelling mask and life jacket, BBQ lunch at island, Pasir Putih, Snake Island, Mandarin/English speaking island coordinator.

Meal: buffet seafood lunch

迪加岛 也称之为生还岛。 从未受污染的天然美景让美国摄制队慕名前来拍摄第一部 《生存者》(Survivor)。

来到迪加岛不可错过的 — 冷火山灰泥浴、徒步绕岛和蛇岛之探险。 只需要从亚庇码头出发大约 1个半至2个小时的船程。



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