Tuesday, August 19, 2014

KK Twin Islands Hopping Day Trip 亚庇近郊海岛(双岛游)休闲之旅

Located just 20 minutes off Kota Kinabalu city, the islands are popular weekend getaway for locals and an excellent short-visit destination for visiting tourists.

The marine park is famous for its shallow water, sumptous coral gardens, and splendid white sandy beaches.

You can enjoy various water sports activities at the islands: (payable only when use)
(a) banana boat (min 4 persons)
(b) fly fish (min 2 persons)
(c) Jet ski
(d) parasailing
(e) scuba diving
(f) leisure diving

Meal: buffet Seafood BBQ Lunch



您也可以自费享受各种水上运动 如:摩托艇、降落伞、香蕉船等。

餐食: 沙滩海鲜自助餐

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